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Jack and Nico

I look at my boys.. my big kids.. and I wonder, how did I get so lucky? Sometimes I’ll look at Jack and see him as a teenager. He had some birthday money and opted to buy himself a laptop instead of toys. He plays piano. Does football, soccer, and is going to be on a swim team this summer. His social calendar is far more busy than mine. And Nico, I want to bottle up his sweet baby voice, his lisp, and his little laugh. In August he is going to ride the school bus with his brother andView full post »

Hello LA

An incredibly awesome, memorable trip to Los Angeles, March 2016. Save Save SaveView full post »

My Wild Things

Oh please don’t go, I’ll eat you up, I love you soView full post »

Fields & Bridges | Nico at age 2

So I finally got around to doing Nico’s 2 year pictures. It is hard taking pictures of your own kids. I have to bribe my 5-year-old and my Nico usually runs away from me. He is getting better about it, though. His teachers at school taught him to say “Cheese!” so now he says it excitedly whenever I point my camera at him. It is so cute. So I waited for a good day to do the pictures. We didn’t get the full sun but it was nice and cool out. We went to one of my favoriteView full post »

Those Crazy Boys | St. Louis Child Photography

I can’t imagine my life without them. To think that there was once a time that I didn’t want kids is crazy. Where would I be.. who would I be.. without them? They are my biggest achievement in life, what I am most proud of. Those 2 crazy boys. I’ve always loved this spot. It’s close by our house and we always drive by but never stop. We walked along the trail and Jack said it felt like we were on an adventure.  And he can’t wait to go back. Nico pretty much ran theView full post »